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Gbi-Bla Readies to Out-Door Gabusu’s Right Wing: Buami IX in the Making

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

By Antoinette Herrmann-Condobrey

There’s a wind blowing across Gbi Traditional Area and it’s all about the latest chief in the making: Buami IX of Gbi-Bla, known in private life as Daniel Soglo.

The replacement for Togbe Buami VIII has been behind closed doors since the morning of July 13, 2017. This is in fulfillment of the customary one-week confinement of chiefs-elect in Gbi, pending his out-dooring, scheduled for Thursday, July 20, 2017, at Gbi-Bla.

The stool for the second highest authority, in accordance with the Gbi traditional order, has been vacant for two years, since the announcement of the death of Buami VIII in 2015.  

Buami is Gabusu’s dusimefia – the paramount chief’s right wing. When enstooled and crowned, Buami IX’s authority will be second only to the paramount chief’s. Before then, the chief-elect must be out-doored, after which he must see to the performing of the final funeral rites of his predecessor.

Ahead of Thursday’s ceremony are various activities. Some activities are confidential – like the prepping of the chief-elect to step into his new role. This is a sobering process that involves elaborate customary rites and intricacies of the position. Others are more visible – like warriors of the various towns taking turns to keep wake in Gbi-Bla in a show of solidarity.  

Togbega Gabusu VI, Paramount Chief of Gbi Traditional Area, will be present at the event, and so will chiefs and traditional leaders from the various Gbi towns and neighboring areas.

It's all going great now, but getting hold of Soglo wasn’t always easy. Occupants of Gbi traditional stools don’t go through formal nomination and acceptance process. They are chosen, pursued and grabbed – many completely against their will. But virtually, no one who is grabbed and smeared with the white clay rejects this sacred role. Soglo was one of those that initially resisted. But like many before him, the chief-elect has reportedly shown grace in confinement already and is poised for the task ahead.

Born on January 19, 1964, to Victus Kofi Soglo of Gbi-Bla – popularly known as the Atsrama (chief drummer) of Tsrivi, and Regina Akua Soglo, both of blessed memory – Soglo is a chartered accountant. He earned his first degree in Business Administration and holds a Master of Business Administration in Accounting and Taxation. Soglo’s public service experience spans more than thirty years. He is currently a chief accountant with the Controller & Accountant General’s Department, serving as the head of finance at the Ministry of Transport.

An ardent follower of Christ, as he describes himself, the chief-elect has been a member of the New Apostolic Church since 1986 and is a district evangelist. Many who know this married father of four and grandfather of two describe him as God fearing and highly disciplined. But Gbi’s interest in him goes far beyond these qualities.

Several decades ago, Soglo’s father stood in for Buami VII when the latter went into political exile in Togo. Upon Buami VII’s return, Victus duly vacated the position for him.

Daniel Soglo is his own man, as many who have met him would emphasize. But for some, it is virtually impossible to detach his rule from his father’s stint at the throne.
Expectations for the chief-elect are high, the excitement is big and one thing is certain: When enthroned, Buami IX will be the second in command in the traditional order of the Gbi Traditional Area.

Antoinette Herrmann-Condobrey is a journalist / digital media and communication professional. She specializes in political communication, digital media and arts and culture, from Johns Hopkins University, Rutgers University, University of Massachusetts, and Ghana Institute of Journalism. Herrmann-Condobrey is the editor of The Gbi Voice. 

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